Study of Tube Vibration Calculation Approaches of Intermediate Heat Exchanger

The research object of this project is based on a special type of heat exchangers in chemical industry, intermediate heat exchangers, using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) method to establish the numerical calculation model of the shell side flow field in the elbow of the heat exchanger, by which we can evaluate the method of analyzing the flow field distribution of elbow and obtain the distribution characteristics of the flow field at different inlet velocity. Relying on Tianhe-1, the element size could be set very fine. The results show that no periodic vortex shedding in the tube bundles and the vibration is mainly caused by turbulence. At the entrance of the bend, the flow angle and the velocity of cross flow are both large. So during design, operation and maintenance of the type of heat exchanger, the flow field in the elbow entrance should be paying more attention.

On the basis of numerical simulation results, the parametric analysis was also carried out using GB/T 151-2014 appendix C, which provide reference for the future analysis.