Factory Service Robot using Husarion ROSBot Platform

The rapid development of modern manufacturing has brought new demands and challenges to the transfer of goods on the production line. There are many varieties, many batches, and short cycles of the transferred items. Traditional production line and logistics can hardly adapt to new requirements. According to relevant investigations, workers in traditional production lines spend 60% to 70% of their time on picking up goods. Automated production line technology based on mobile robots is emerging under these circumstances. One of the representative applications is Amazon’s Kiva Systems.

In a manufacture factory, if the human can stay at their workstation and use a robot to finish the transfer job, the working efficiency will be greatly praised. The goal of this project is to develop a mobile robot that can response multiple calling (maybe receive a call when transferring), plan the path to each target workstation, and then go to the assigned destination by each people. To achieve a robotic automated transfer production line environment, the key issues that the robot need to solve are:

  • Map the workspace.
  • Identify and locate specified workstations.
  • Path planning and track the trajectory.
  • Complete predesignated actions at workstations.
  • If necessary, recompute path to new workstations.