The Fluid Elastic Instability of Concentric Arrays of Tube Bundles Subjected on Cross Flow


Concentric arrays of tube bundles are applied extensively in heat exchangers at nuclear power plants. Flow induced vibration is one of the main causes of heat exchanger failures. However, there is no corresponding standard and basic parameters in the design code of different countries for concentric arrays of tube bundles. The fluid elastic instability of this type of heat exchangers cannot be calculated, and the design criteria is lacked. In this paper, a circulating water tunnel experimental facility were set up to test the vibration characteristic of concentric arrays subjected to cross flow. A non-contact measurement method based on high-speed photography imaging technology were adopted, which improved the accuracy of the test. Three kinds of tube bundles (0-degree angle, 15-degree angle and 30-degree angle arrangement, radial/circumferential pitch being 33.6/36.4 mm) were studied. The vibration frequency, amplitude and critical velocity of the tube bundle were investigated by changing the flow velocity. Computational fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction method were applied to simulate the fluid elastic instability of tube bundles, that were further verified by the experiments. Meanwhile, the numerical simulation supplements the contents of the experimental studies, which is utilizable to investigate and research the fluid elastic instability. The results of this work could provide references for the design of concentric array heat exchangers.

ASME 2018 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference